the nobodies

This series is part of an ongoing project focusing on New York City and the marginalised residents of this metropolis. Disenchanted and disenfranchised, the average city dweller is becoming overwhelmed by astronomical rents and the rising cost of living; many driven to the streets where they now “reside.” Loneliness and isolation permeates the faces of these unfortunates who struggle through an abyss of financial hardship now that the middle class is slowly dying and minimum wage is less than a living one. This harsh reality is a direct contrast to what New York has now become: a haven for billionaires and the super rich who drop tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars on top tier real estate, while those in the streets lay their heads on concrete and cardboard each night. This series of photos offers a glimpse into their lives through a select few faces that represent the entirety of those struggling through contemporary New York City. Featured in FLINT magazine.