Official Selection of the 2013 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

CaucAsian was chosen by UMFF as one of the Top 3 Webseries of 2013

Official Selection of the 2014 Miami Web Fest

“This web series is HILARIOUS!” –Hot and Trendy Magazine

CaucAsian tells the story of a stark-white couple living in NYC who, by a freak occurrence of nature, deliver an Asian-looking infant. Instead of adapting the baby to their culture, they decide it would be best to “Asianize” her. Thus begins a harrowing odyssey of hilarity as the search for the “ideal” Asian culture consumes their every waking moment. Filmed on location in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

Produced by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders and BS&B Media
DP and Editor - Jason Bruffy
Crew – Kenny Futch, Santino Valdez, Taneish Duggan, Jeremy Seiller, Brandon Lee, Amanda Long, Brian Murphy, Aaron Chin

Episode 1

Episode 2

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Episode 6