Decks, Thugs, and Rock 'n' Roll

I shot a music video for Central PA–based rockers Jaw Horse back in April of '14. It a was a sleazy, low-fi affair — one that I was extremely honored to be a part of. I've known their lead guitarist, Kramer (leather jacket, rotund in girth), for years, and he brought me on to helm the fuckin' thing after months of back and forth correspondence. Kramer's a bit hard to pin down at times. But we made it happen, and churned out one hell of a video. Once that was in the can, they approached me to direct a second one. Knowing the band like I do, I chose to give the follow-up a thoroughly squalid look by incorporating grainy Super 8mm footage with previously shot lo-res digital clips of them performing; beautifully bathed in the red light of the various disreputable watering holes they've played in. Our set for the "Mother Mary" shoot took place at a local skate park, one I've been frequenting as of late. As the band was getting nice and lubed up before the show, I grabbed my Ricoh and fired off a few stills, because — why not? Jaw Horse's "Mother Mary" music video to debut sometime in November/December. In the meantime, dig on their website. Good shit.

–Ricoh GR10, 35mm Fujicolor Film, ISO 200

We Should Be Moving Shortly...

In lieu of "Ladies and gentlemen, we're being held 'momentarily' by the train's dispatcher," the MTA should revamp their announcements to "Ladies and gentlemen, we're being held 'indefinitely' by the train's dispatcher." I see no real need for false hope when you're trying to get somewhere on time.

–Ricoh GR10, 35mm Fujicolor Film, ISO 200


Kana is my daughter. I love taking her picture, and have since the minute she was born. Now that she's growing up amongst me taking stills of her on a routine basis, I think it's suffice to say she's pretty comfortable in front of the camera these days. 

Ricoh GR10, 35mm Fujicolor Film, ISO 200