Dirty Life Studio – September Sessions

Dirty Life is the recording studio of Paco the G Train Bandit, housed in Astoria, Queens. I hang out there a fair amount; mostly doing editing on my video projects, while he mixes and engineers the tunes of some supremely talented indie hip-hop artists from around the city, including his own. Pac's got a web series called Cypher Sundays, where he hosts a variety of rappers at the studio, who spit their own lyrics — or freestyle verses — over a pre-made beat. I was brought in to run second camera for Eps. 12 & 13, so I felt it in order to produce my 35 and snap off a few stills as we were filming. Check out the artists and the webseires. If I had to guess, you could probably use some new ( i.e. – good) music on your iPod.

Cypher Sunday Ep. 12

Cypher Sunday Ep. 13

Paco the G Train Bandit

Eunice Wobble Wong

Eliot Perk


Watusi Cultleader

Mental Stamina

–Ricoh GR10, 35mm Fujicolor Film, ISO 200

Paco the G Train Bandit

Starting this blog to showcase my films, photography, and whatever the hell else I feel like. Shameless promotion also plays a large part, but I digress. Diving right in: I'm starting a series of portraits featuring my creative friends -- musicians, actors, artists, etc. -- mugging for the camera in whatever way they see fit. No direction by me other than "Stand here," and "Ready?" First up: Paco the G Train Bandit. Hip hop artist residing in Queens. Check out his work HERE.

Canon 7D w/ 50mm 1.8, RAW image processed in Lightroom