Iron Maiden — Somewhere in Time

How do you rate Maiden's album oeuvre from best to worst? Consider the last dozen or so orgasms you've experienced, attempt to place them in some discernible order, and you're pretty much there.

ONYX — Bacdafucup

Heavy on gangsta talk, light on gangsta walk. Have any of these guys even run afoul of the law? IRS stuff doesn't count.

Dirty Life Studio – September Sessions

Dirty Life is the recording studio of Paco the G Train Bandit, housed in Astoria, Queens. I hang out there a fair amount; mostly doing editing on my video projects, while he mixes and engineers the tunes of some supremely talented indie hip-hop artists from around the city, including his own. Pac's got a web series called Cypher Sundays, where he hosts a variety of rappers at the studio, who spit their own lyrics — or freestyle verses — over a pre-made beat. I was brought in to run second camera for Eps. 12 & 13, so I felt it in order to produce my 35 and snap off a few stills as we were filming. Check out the artists and the webseires. If I had to guess, you could probably use some new ( i.e. – good) music on your iPod.

Cypher Sunday Ep. 12

Cypher Sunday Ep. 13

Paco the G Train Bandit

Eunice Wobble Wong

Eliot Perk


Watusi Cultleader

Mental Stamina

–Ricoh GR10, 35mm Fujicolor Film, ISO 200